Home Medical Support Private Limited is an organization with a mission to facilitate people looking to access medical services in the comfort of their own home. We make it possible through HMS Healers App.

HMS Healers App (Android, iOS) is for all the people who hate the hassle of booking a medical appointment, visiting the hospital, waiting in long lines. With HMS Healers App, they will get the desired medical professional at their doorstep with a tap of a finger on their smartphone.

'HMS Healers' brings the following male/female medical experts at your doorstep:

  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Patient care attendant
  • Physiotherapist 

'HMS Healers' is currently providing services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi Pakistan.

You can contact 'HMS Healers' via calling us at 051-4856636.

You can contact 'HMS Healers' by sending us an email at

You can download the app by following these steps:

  • Go to the App Store
  • Type "HMS Healers App” in the search bar
  • Press "Get" to download it on your device and start enjoying the service!

You can download the app by following these steps:

  • Open Play Store
  • Type "HMS Healers App” in the search bar
  • Press "Install" to download the app on your device.
  • Download “HMS Healers App”
  • Go to the App Store/ Play Store for iOS/Android and install the “HMS Healers App”.
  • Choose the medical expert; Nurse, Doctor, Physiotherapist or Patient care attendant
  • Tap on ‘Request Service’
  • Shortly you will receive a call from 'HMS Healers' Customer Support Representative
  • The Medical Expert will reach your desired location
  • Pay the Medical Expert after receiving the service

Once you have booked the medical expert, you can get his/her number by tapping on the ‘Call Medical Expert’ button and then proceed with the call.

You can get the number of the medical expert by tapping on the ‘Call Medical Expert’ option and then send an SMS to the provider via your smartphone.

After downloading the “HMS Healers” App, you will be asked to provide your phone number. A verification code will be sent to your number. Enter the verification code manually. After the correct verification code is added, provide your name, email, and password. That’s it. You will be registered.

In order to validate the ownership of the mobile number, The Healer App will send a 4 digit verification code to your mobile number via SMS which is needed to sign up.

If you do not receive verification code within 2 minutes, tap on the Resend option on your smartphone screen.

You are entering the incorrect current password. You need to enter the correct current password in order to change it.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by tapping the "Forgot password?" link. You will be requested to enter your phone number and you will be sent a verification code. After which, you will be able to change your password.

Yes, you can book a service for your friends and family.

  • Open “HMS Healers” app and log-in
  • Select the Service type you wish to book
  • Select the location
  • Choose the medical expert; Nurse, Doctor, Physiotherapist or Patient care attendant
  • Tap on ‘Request Service’ to confirm
  • Open “HMS Healers” app and log-in
  • Select the Service type you wish to book
  • Select the location
  • Choose the medical expert; Nurse, Doctor, Physiotherapist or Patient Care Attendant
  • Tap on ‘Request Service’ to confirm

You cannot book 'HMS Healers' Medical Services via the website.

To cancel a booking, you will find the cancel button at the bottom of the booking screen.

The Medical Expert requires your exact location to the provide services, hence a location will have to be selected. The device will find your current location through GPS and display it on the map with a pin to specify the exact location. This can be left as is or moved by touching and dragging the pin on the map.

No, you cannot change the service delivery location after booking the service.

No, you cannot book two services at the same time. However, once a service is completed, you can book another one.

Your feedback is crucial for us in order to improve and provide quality services. In the case of any complaint, you can rate the Medical Expert accordingly. This option will allow you to add your comments and feedback about the Medical Expert you got the services from.

You can rate your Medical Expert after the service is completed on a scale of 1 through 5. 1 being the poor and 5 being the best. Medical Expert ratings are a measure that helps us in maintaining superior service.

As soon as you click the ‘Request Service’ button. 'HMS Healers' will receive your service request. Our customer support representative will call you to confirm the details of the appointment. Afterward, you will be assigned a medical expert and he/she will reach your location within a few minutes.

Once you place the request, our customer support representative will call you and assign you a medical expert. Once the medical expert starts his journey towards your location, you will be charged PKR 100 for canceling the request. 

The history tab shows the details of all the services. On clicking details you can check your payment against each service.

In My Services Tab, you will find two options; In Progress, Scheduled and History.

The ‘In Progress’ Tab shows the pending requests or the medical session which is in-progress at the moment. If there is no medical session or pending request at the given moment, the in-progress tab will show nothing.

The Payment Tab in HMS Healers app will lead you to two options; Due Amount and Paid Amount.

The Due Amount in HMS Healers app shows all the cancellation charges which are yet to be paid by the user.

The ‘Paid Amount’ tab shows all the paid cancellation charges.

The Settings Tab allow you to change the password.

No, Physiotherapy is not limited to a massage. It follows a scientific approach to solve various medical issues. The treatment surely involves a few massage-like techniques, but these are anatomically inclined.

No, we only offer at-home medical services.

Yes, you can book a physiotherapy session on both weekdays and weekends according to your convenience.

'HMS Healers' trained nurse will assist you with post-surgical care, wound care, suture removal, first aid, injections, and much more.

Yes, you can avail both 12-hr and 24-hr nursing service with 'HMS Healers'.

All the 'HMS Healers' nurses are professionally trained and certified.

'HMS Healers' trained Patient care attendants can help you with the administration of doctor recommended oral medication, management of feeding tubes, bathing, shaving, and complete personal grooming, feeding and much more.

No, our Patient care attendant will only help with the daily assistance for the patient.

No, patient attendants are not medical professionals. However, they receive a thorough training in regards to basic patient assistance.

Yes, we do a complete background check of our patient care attendants. They are verified by  NADRA.

The Patient attendant can stay at your home as long as you need the services. You have the option to either get a 12-hr or a 24-hr attendant service.

Yes, all the doctors registered with us are verified by PMDC.

Yes, our doctors are verified by NADRA and PMDC. You can completely trust our services.